Worried About Xbox 360 Warning Lights?


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Worried About Xbox 360 Warning Lights?

Just Get Rid of Them Like an Xbox 360 Specialist

If the infamous Xbox 360 red lights or the red ring of death (RROD) is blinking around the power button of your console and you are not quite sure how to deal with this "Xbox trouble" then sit tight. Because now I am going to explain two of the most popular ways through which Xbox 360 owners can get rid of Xbox trouble.

Xbox 360 warning lights- what do they mean?

The Xbox 360 warning lights are a part of the signaling system of the Microsoft Xbox consoles which indicates that there is a problem with the Xbox and it requires attention. There are a multiple of these warning lights and the meaning of each will depend on the type of malfunction that is associated with the Xbox. Some of these lights are composed of red lights while others consist of yellow lights. Each combination of red and yellow lights will indicate a particular error found with the Xbox. The most frequent among these is the red ring of death. Nine out of ten Xbox consoles units that display this error are those that have serious hardware problems, failures of the CPU, hard drive or DVD drive.

Dealing with Xbox trouble

As I mentioned, in such cases, you may have to go for an Xbox 360 specialist to deal with your problem. Now, before going for any so-called Xbox 360 specialist you may want to try asking the store where you purchased your Xbox to repair it with you. If the store is not a Sony or a Microsoft authorized store, then the repairs will not be free. Instead you will have to pay about $150 to $200 for the repairs.

Xbox 360 warning lights- don't panic!

Now, with the red ring of death error occurring frequently, Microsoft has extended its warranty to three years in order to deal with the increasing demand of Xbox troublemakers. Simply put, if your Xbox has a valid warranty then you can expect to get hold of free repair service from the place where you purchased your Xbox. However, keep in mind that you will have to wait for about a month or two for the Xbox trouble Creator to be fixed. In addition to the waiting period,some Xbox consoles are reported to have a two or three months waiting period before they are returned to the customer.

If you have encountered the red ring of death error, you may have to take it to an Xbox 360 specialist to fix it. However, you have to be careful in choosing the model to be sent to the service center. Many of them are known to return a refurbished console which may encounter the red ring of death error.

Restoring your Xbox 360 to working condition can be done with the help of some Xbox 360 repair tools. The most important ones are the screwdrivers and the small spanner. You can also use a T-8 washer but it is preferable to have the T-8 washer in place. When you have everything in place try to unplug your console and let it rest for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes switch it ON and see if it will work. If this doesn't work, then you need a guide to fix the Xbox 360.

A Xbox repair guide can be helpful to fix the Xbox 360 and get rid of the red ring of death error. To make the process of repairing the Xbox easier, you can use a video guide to copy the procedures onto a series of buttons. The button would then be Suction Cup Mounted to your desk top and plugged into your console. Make sure that you watch the video guide carefully as it is mostly the most convenient method of repair. The guide will teach you on how to unscrew, clean, and replace the components without damaging them. One of the most interesting aspects of the Xbox repair guide is that it offers a money back guarantee after the repair is done for a new console.

Don't think it is a great idea to repair your Xbox 360 on your own. In reality, you can't do it.epto be honest, you run a great risk of causing permanent damage to your Xbox. If you do have a re-balling device, make sure that it is new. Even better! You can play on your Xbox's with the new device and the old one can be stored for future use.

Don't be afraid when you are about to embark on your mission. You will be helped. There are some tools that can help you. Most of us need a little hand tools to make up for the activity, but it doesn't mean that you can't try on your Xbox. You can try on it at home and mend it if you couldn't do it on your own. Just note that there are permanent hazards which occur with manual repairs, so be cautious. Have fun!

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