OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama Tips


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OSRS The Nightmare of Ashihama Tips

 The Nightmare of Ashihama is also called simply Nightmare - is the first Old School Runescape new boss in 2020. It is located in the town of Slepe - in Morytania.

 The fastest way to access Nightmare is to use Drakan's Medallion, a quest reward that is part of A Taste of Hope, to directly teleport into Ver Sinhaza., however it's considered content that's end-game and is highly recommended that you possess combat statistics of 85 or more. There are no requirements needed to defeat the Nightmare


 There's no prerequisites to get into the Chambers of Xeric, however it's considered to be a part of the endgame and it is highly recommended to possess combat statistics that are 85 or more.


 This battle is not considered as a death-in-the-middle for ironmen who are hardcore, which is why dying here will result in losing hardcore status. It is the Nightmare of Ashihama brings with it a number of new top-of-the-line slot gear items including those from the Nightmare Staff and the Inquisitor's mace


 What is the Nightmare of Ashihama?

 Before we discuss what exactly the Nightmare actually is there are some points we'll be discussing:


 Where it can be found

 What are the necessary statistics to face it

 Which one is the most effective strategy?

 What rewards you will receive

 So, what exactly is the Nightmare? It's described as "large frightening, supernatural terror" that feeds on those in deep slumber. In order to feed on their vital energy, Nightmare's victims are afflicted with horrific nightmares, which end when their energy is exhausted completely.


 Legend has it that shamans performed an ancient ritual that led to that the creation of the Nightmare as a shape of a woman with a hag. The shamans responsible for creating the Nightmare are said to have attempted to take down the creature they summoned, by building four totems which were connected to defeat her. However, the totems were taken away by the Nightmare before they had the chance to deploy them against her.



 The Sirens of Ashihama are haunted by the Nightmare and have decided to finally stand up against her. Shura and a band of sirens were to head for the Nightmare's lair, where they would be able to defeat the woman who resembles a hag and make her leave Ashihama. This would see the Nightmare going west towards Slepe, a town that is afflicted by the sleeper plague epidemic. This could an ideal time for the woman, as she'd utilize her powers to steal the dreams of townspeople and grow even more powerful than before. To protect the home she has built, Shura is looking to find players to help her keep the Nightmare at bay.


 Where can The Nightmare of Ashihama be found?

 The title of the story would normally be a reason to explain the title, however as we've mentioned before it is true that the Nightmare was actually removed from Ashihama and into Morytania specifically, in a town known as Slepe. For access to the Nightmare is concerned, as long as you can gain access to Mortyania and then be able against this indomitable enemy.


 There are many methods to reach Slepe quickly. The first is to connect to Ver Sinhaza through Drakan's medallion. Follow the northerly direction until you arrive at an island, then head right to arrive at Slepe. Another option is to make use of the Ectophial to transfer yourself into the Ectofuntus. From there, you'll need to go toward the north until you get to the dock. However, here you can pay Andras 10,000 coins in order to get you to Slepe. After arriving in Slepe, you'll find an island that is located south-west from Slepe So, just walk upwards to get to the town.


 How many people could be a team against it?

 The introduction of the Nightmare of Ashihama poses the first-ever group boss fight in OSRS. This means that up to 80 players are able to work together to take on the hag-like horror.


 Before you do, it is worth noting you that Nightmare isn't a typical boss battle. Contrary to other OSRS bosses their combat and health stats are scalable to the number of players who participate in the battle. You can battle her with fewer than five players if you opt to. Other key points to consider is that players are not able to join the fight in the middle of the battle, meaning you must wait until all of the players have been killed, or the Nightmare itself has been overcome. If you are looking to track the progress of battle with the Nightmare You will notice that she is in the middle if she is in battle.


 Fighting the Nightmare

 As was mentioned earlier, the only real requirement to defeat the Nightmare is to have access to Morytania. But this doesn't mean the boss is to be undervalued by any means. She's capable of killing you with a single hit, so it is strongly recommended to have your combat skills over 85 and pay particular attentiveness to Prayer for additional security.


 The Nightmare of Ashihama is equipped with a range of attacks which you'll naturally prefer to avoid. There are, however, a few visual clues that are worth observing to ensure you are prepared. For example the Nightmare will make a whirlwind of shooting pink petals of flowers as a Magic attack. If you notice her twitching, she is preparing to launch a Ranged attack with spikes which will appear on her body. For her Melee attacks, she will throw her arms over her head before attacking players within her vicinity.


 What are the best strategies?

 In the end, the boss will have three phases, which will comprise a range of base and unique attacks. To begin, Nightmare will be using her Ranged, Melee and Magic attacks. Therefore, you should focus on hitting her, while hitting the four totems that make them stronger.


 In the next phase during the second stage, she summons Sleepwalkers which will help her cause massive harm to anyone in the arena. In this phase, you'll want to eliminate the most Sleepwalkers you can as early as possible. Keep charging the totems as prior to focusing your efforts at her defense. Be wary of her Curse as well as her Grasping Claws and Parasites particular attacks.



 The final stage is similar to the previous round. Adopt the same strategy and you will eventually overcome her, but be aware of her Teleport Charge and Spores here.



 Fighting The Nightmare of Ashihama can seem like a daunting prospect at first. The challenge it presents, however, is the first boss where you will be able to join up to 80 players in the initial big battle for teams in OSRS. If you adhere to these guidelines, then you will be reaping plentiful rewards and could be capable of saving a whole town from a nightmare.

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