Mystery Boxes And Surprise Products Blooming Online

Why are Mystery Boxes so popular? We live in a world where people get excited about mystery box online opposites. One day they want to customize everything and the next one they want to be completely surprised. In other words, consumers want to have control on their orders OR want no control at all. It’s because they feel excited by the unknown and the idea to take a risk. Mystery is fun and endless, like the idea of gambling in many ways. This mindset inspired many e-commerce stores to jump on the trend in 2018 by offering their own mystery box. This marketing approach was quickly tailored to fit all kinds of different products.

Mystery bundles are also very popular on Etsy and Ebay. For any online sellers, it’s never a bad idea to jump on the biggest trend of the moment to try to increase their revenue. They know it’s an easy product to launch. It does not require any significant change in logistics and it’s a good opportunity to move inventory out by combining less popular items with best selling ones. Finally, the box idea was well received and promoted by social influencers who love the idea of unboxing anything.

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